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Packages to suit all budgets

Give your fight show the edge with one of our awesome packages with prices starting from as little as £300

Give the fighters the walk-out they deserve!

It is not only part of the show, having a great light show, walk-out entrance way and sound. It is also the moment when your fighters make their way to the ring, its their moment in the spotlight.

Stood behind the curtain and hearing the walk-out tune, their hearts pumping, the crowds waiting in anticipation for the entrance…

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DJ & Walkout Package From only £350!

  • 2 X 2000watt speakers  (£150 for an extra 2 x 2000watt speakers) this is for up-to around 1500 people.
  • 2 X high-quality wireless microphones
  • 1 X DJ
  • 1 X 4.5mtr truss
  • Black-Out curtains
  • 2 X 7ft X 2ft fight night banners ( or have your own designed and made for £100 )
  • 4 X flat LED par cans
  • 4 X LED Pixel Bars
  • 4 X Chauvet Intimidator Spots (New Professional Level Lighting)
  • 1 X smoke, haze machine or Co2 Jet Effects
  • *8 LED Par Cans for a walk way to the ring (only if its on a raised platform and not crossed by the public – Additional £100
  • *Branding – Have your logo projected from 2 of the intimidator spots – One off price £250 (specially made )and then only £60 per additional shows.

Example of Cost

PLEASE NOTE PRICES SHOWN IS FOR A MAXIMUM OF 5 HOUR SHOW PLUS 30 MINUTES AS DOORS OPEN – ADDITIONAL TIME IS CHARGED AT £30 PER HOUR. (EXAMPLE – DOORS OPEN 5.30PM, SHOW 6PM – 11PM = £350 for 5 hours OR DOORS OPEN AT 3.30PM, SHOW STARTS AT 4PM – 12AM = £425  for 8 hours) – These prices are based on events within 10 miles of Newcastle upon Tyne, we do travel all over the UK, additional mileage charges will be added for venues outside this area

Full Fight with LED Screen & Spark Machines Walkout Package from £1150


  • Full DJ Service (Including video operation) – Preshow music, walkout tunes for fighters, music in between rounds,
  • high-quality microphones for the MC.
  • 2mtr x 4mtr LED Screen
  • 2 x Sparktacular Cold Spark Machines (These are the legal ones, not the cheap dangerous ones )
  • 2 x Smoke Jet Machines
  • 4 x Moving Heads
  • 2/4 Batten Lights
  • 8 Flat Pars to light up the walkway (Only if walkway has barriers and people cant cross)

Optional Extras

  • 2 x Ring Lighting (2 Lighting Stands with Flood Lights attached to the ring posts ) £60
  • 4 x Ring Lighting (4 Lighting Stands with flood lights attached to the ring posts) £100
  • Logo Projected on the floor under the walk out £50
  • Logo Projected from Moving Heads – One Off Fee £250 (Specially made), then £60 per use.
  • Confetti Cannons, Spark Machines can also be arranged.

DJ & PA Only

  • Experienced fight show DJ
  • 2 x top of the range RCF speakers (upto 1500 people)
  • Additional speakers available for larger crowds (POA)
  • Music when the doors open
  • Fighters Walk-Out Music
  • Music in-between rounds
  • Music during the interval
  • 2 x high quality cordless microphones

DJ, PA & Basic Lighting

  • DJ & PA Package
  • 2 Lighting Stands with 8 computer controlled lighting.
  • Smoke or CO2 Jet Effect Machines
This is the ideal choice if there is no space to have a walk-out but you want lighting and effects to help create a full show atmosphere.
Additional lighting can be added to enhance the package. 

Terms: & conditions:Please note that all with all bookings, a booking form must be completed, £50 deposit paid and the remaining balance must be paid before the show starts. There are no exceptions to this rule.  Walk-out music (song, artist, remix details, etc) to be supplied a week before the event in a list format or via memory pen/stick/card before the first fight.  If this is not supplied, we can not guarantee to have the fighter’s choice of music, we will not be able to download tracks, plug-in phones, or use youtube or Soundcloud. Any damage to any equipment during the event, the promoter agrees to cover any costs to repair or replace (new for old).