Bringing First Class Sound and DJ services

The Boxing DJ, is not a massive AV company.  We don’t have huge line array systems.  We do offer PA & DJ services for upto 1500 people.


Top quality, dual band cordless microphones for use by your MC.

Professional DJ

Gary has been DJ'ing fight shows for the last 8 years and comes highly recommended.

PA Systems

Our top of the range RCF PA systems really pack a punch, in quality and clarity.

Fair Pricing

We are not the cheapest, but we know what it takes to make sure your event run smooth.

DJ & PA Hire

We at can offer at very competitive rates for DJ, PA, and professional quality Microphones.

Every boxing, MMA, K1, Kickboxing, and BKB event will have a DJ as standard, as fighters deserve their big entrance, music to be played as your customers are getting seated, music to be played in-between rounds or when there are gaps in the show.

We have the experience to ensure that your show runs smooth and you know you don’t have to worry about this side of the show.

We work hard with fight promoters to ensure the right music is available for the fighters in advance of the event. This saves a lot of stress for the fighters, promoters, and the DJ as the music is sorted well before they arrive at the venue. We strongly recommend that the promoter gathers a list of fighter’s music and emails it over to us a week before the show. (We have templates that are available for this).

Sometimes fighters will have a special mix or specially produced track for their entrance and we can accept it in MP3 or WAV format. It can be drop-boxed or emailed over within a week of the show. At a push, we can accept a memory stick/pen/card on the day of the show, but this has to be submitted before the doors open as we need to scan and check the files beforehand.

Unfortunately, we no longer accept CDs due to errors and the unreliable nature of the discs.

Details of our DJ & PA Package:

  • Experienced fight show DJ
  • 2 x top of the range RCF speakers (up to 1000 people)
  • Additional speakers available for larger crowds (POA)
  • Music when the doors open
  • Fighters Walk-Out Music
  • Music in-between rounds
  • Music during the interval
  • 2 x high-quality cordless microphones

Terms: & conditions: Please note that all with all bookings, a booking form must be completed, £50 deposit paid and the remaining balance must be paid before the show starts. There are no exceptions to this rule.  Walk-out music (song, artist, remix details, etc) to be supplied a week before the event in a list format or via memory pen/stick/card before the first fight.  If this is not supplied, we can not guarantee to have the fighter’s choice of music, we will not be able to download tracks, plug-in phones, or use youtube or Soundcloud. Any damage to any equipment during the event, the promoter agrees to cover any costs to repair or replace (new for old).